Our purpose is to make data shine. We work on furthering the boundaries of journalism through visual storytelling augmented by a focus on data.

Journalism++ Porto's workflow is devoted to a full-stack approach from initial data to final piece, confidently handling each step in the process, from data analysis and architecture to web- and print-based outcomes.

To this end, we develop solutions based on state-of-the-art technology and open-source tools, along with a honed sense of design and visual clarity.


40 Recipes for Cooking the Books

We were tasked with designing and illustrating a cookbook of delicious ways to get your hands on public funding for your own benefit. Besides creating illustrations and graphic styling, we built and implemented a framework based on Git and Markdown for rapid content publication and editing.

Surveillance Industry Index

Privacy International's Global Surveillance Industry report is the result of a long research effort into companies that export surveillance mechanisms. The company datasets which resulted from this investigation needed a clear visual representation, which is where we stepped in. Besides the graphic identity and layout, we developed and implemented a bespoke infographic generation system, which allows the clients to re-generate an updated set of infographics whenever the company datasets are enriched with more information.

Open Data Index 2015

In 2015 and again in 2016, we produced press-ready infographics to highlight key points and insights gleaned from the data contained in Open Knowledge International's yearly Open Data Index.

Global Hunger Index

IFPRI commissioned us to map their data on its yearly global hunger indexes. We developed an interactive web application with a world overview and detail country pages, along with in-depth charts and search tables to showcase the complex datasets in a revealing and readable fashion.

Email Self Defense

The Email Self-Defense campaign was developed by the FSF for the Reset the Net initiative. We built an explanatory diagram and a campaign site detailing the intricacies of email encryption, with the aim of showing that eavesdropping does take place and that encrypting your communications is a way out of surveillance.

The infographic serves as a general purpose introduction to technical concepts around e-mail encryption, followed by a more in-depth guide on how to adopt e-mail self-defense measures.


Ana Isabel Carvalho

Ana Isabel Carvalho

Designer and UI Developer

Ricardo Lafuente

Ricardo Lafuente

Editor and Data Architect


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